REACH Video helps raise $35,276!

We were approached by Heather Winfrey, the Director of Renton Technical College Foundation, to produce a video to be shown at “A Celebration of Students Dinner & Silent Auction” to capture the hearts of those who would be opening their pockets through out the night.

Douglass and I did a one day shoot up at Renton Technical College interviewing teachers, students, staff and corporate partners. I then editing it together using Adobe Premier, put it on a flash drive and away we went to sit at the table surrounded by amazing business owners as we all were given an opportunity to raise money for students in need.

Douglass and I got to participate in our first silent auction and enjoyed meeting the students and staff of RTC. It was an amazing feeling to see the staff tear up as they watched our video. I was given many complements and it’s an overwhelming feeling of joy to know that our video helped raise #35,276! The money helps students with day to day cost, emergency funds for rent, books, tuition, and scholarships.

Please check out our video and comment below to show your support.
Renton Technical College Foundation REACH 2014 Video


NAB Time!!

One of our favorite parts of the year. It’s like Christmas for out industry! NAB: The National Association of Broadcasters. Every year they hold a conference in Las Vegas where all the industry giants come out and show off their new toys. New cameras, editing systems, camera support equipment, audio, you name it. We’ve just caught wind of the new cameras coming out from Blackmagic Design. The URSA and the Studio Camera. Visit Blackmagic Design for all the details. Also head over to this link at to get all the headlines coming out of NAB. Here’s to new toys!!

Website Relaunch

We have just finished the redesign of our website! Come check it out. Nice, sleek design with a responsive layout that will display beautifully on any device. We have created a page just for Weddings. We have created a page just for our filmmaking endeavors (although all of our films are currently unavailable to view). Be sure to go to our Portfolio and check all the material that has been added there. We are still making a few additions so please stay tuned and check back for more!

What’s New with Fresh?

Hello all!

I just wanted to drop a line to share what I have been up to. We did a redesign to our website. I got a new theme from a friend for WordPress and have spent the last two weeks putting the new look together. What does everyone think?

New Projects:
-I have just signed on as the Director of Photography for a short comedy film called “The Tag”. You ever wonder what would happen if you pulled off the “Do Not Remove” tag on your mattress? This film examines this premise in a very comedic way. I’m very excited to be a part of this project written and directed by Natalie Hanson.

-DJ Jusz Nyce music videos
I am in talks with this local DJ to produce a handful of music videos for some of the artists connected to his label. I haven’t shot a music video in some time so I’m really excited to get into these…

If you haven’t yet seen it, I just finished up a new reel. Take a look and tell me what you think…

Douglass Brown… The Public Speaker??

Ok, so recently I had the opportunity to speak at Curtis Junior High School to share some of my experience in Filmmaking. I have recording so many different people doing this. Now I truly understand how they feel when giving a presentation. Check it out:

I also created this list of resources that was passed out to all the students.  Take a look and let me know what you think. I would love to get some honest feedback from this.

DABtek Resources Sheet



Goodbye FCPX…. Hello Adobe!!

We know… We know… We’re way late! We should have done this a long time ago. Recently, just over this weekend, in fact, DABtek Entertainment made the switch from editing in Apple’s Final Cut Pro X to using the awesomeness that is Adobe Creative Cloud.

It was something that has been talked about for a while here at DABtek. We just had too many open projects to make the transition. When something new would come in, both Hannah and Doug would make the attempt to use Adobe Premiere Pro but would quickly leave once we got stumped. That last few projects that have come in were very quick turn arounds, leaving no time to learn the program.

Just recently Apple updated their NLE to 10.1. With this update came lots of great features. They added support for 4k video as well. Another thing they did was change up the ENTIRE file saving structure for how their program reads and stores data. This new setup is what was the nail in the coffin for Doug Brown.

“Why do they keep changing stuff!!?” Douglass opened his editor the day they put out the update. “My Computer is set to auto-upgrade. I didn’t know they were going to put out this crap!” he exclaimed. We were finishing up a wedding and when we went into FCPX we had discovered that with the new update, half of our video for this project disappeared and about 20% went offline.

So after spending a week finding and reconnecting everything, we decided to finish out all the active project as fast as possible and make the switch.

We turned out a small business profile last night with easy in our first dance with Premiere. This application feels so much like Final Cut Pro 7 (an industry standard, at one time) and it is very easy to pick up. Because it is Adobe, one can hop in and out of the other softwares in the suite with great ease. This is awesome! This is coming from two Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Editors!

So from this point forward, DABtek Entertainment is an Adobe house!!
That is all…

Have A Lens-Worthy Day!

Full circle

What a day today! I had the privilege of speaking to three different classes of 9th grade students at Curtis Junior High, about my experience in video production and filmmaking. It was a humbling experience because I went to Curtis when I was in 9th grade and got myself expelled two days before school got out.

I recorded my whole presentation and I’m going to edit it up and put it out to the world!

Stay tuned!….

What A Day!

So… Today was a good day! (I hear a song playing…)

I did these interviews today with a company called Redlight Traffic. They are a non-profit company that has created this app for iPhone and soon to be Android that will allow its users to learn about and help stop human trafficking. It’s really phenomenal what they have been able to pull off in such a short amount of time.

The Executive Director Amin Haq (A*Mean*Hawk… How dope is that?) is an awesome guy. He gave up a really well paying job to create this and they recently had a Press Launch Gala at the Beverly Hills Hilton. He was saying that they are just getting started and that we are at the ground floor… funny…. The Columbia Tower is the tallest building in Seattle. Seventy-six stories and the Tower Club is at the very top…. If this is the ground floor way up here, well the sky is not enough… We must get on that Master P ish! “Aint ‘No Limit!’ UNNGGHH!!”

Anyway, the reason I feel it was such a good day is because this just cements who I am and what DABtek represents:

Distribute Amplification Bio-mechanically Through Education & Knowledge.

What that means is that on the most elemental level, we are all strings vibrating at different frequencies. The frequencies are what operate the bio-mechanical machine we call our bodies. We think and act in certain fashions that connect us to other similar frequencies. It’s like putting together different instruments to make music. I consider myself like an Amplifier. I take other frequencies and broadcast them out to help the connection. The frequencies that vibrate with me most are those that seek to share what? …. Education & Knowledge! See! You get it! My personal education and knowledge is in a creative art form that has many facets to it and it is a wonderful facilitator in amplifying signals…

My buddy Ryan Kemper hooked this up and him and I met working on TLC’s Four Weddings. I have a few different organizations to tie this non-profit into and its just helping more people connect and build positive energy and empowerment. I love it!

I just wanted to share that with you! For more information about human trafficking and how to help stop it please visit or email

For video production and photography needs please visit or email

Have a Lens-Worthy Day!20140106-201020.jpg

Today’s Hotseat…20140106-201039.jpg

Monitor is looking good!20140106-201050.jpg

The view from the top floor. Apparently we are still at ground level for this organization though…20140106-201100.jpg


Happy 2014 to you all! Let’s Ball!!

January 1st 2014!

New Year 2014

It’s a New Year! I hope everyone had a safe, wonderful evening last night. Fortunately the New Year fell on a weekday! No time to rest! Time to go! Go! Go!

I have put together some new material to get me kicked of right this year. Hot off the press! First up we have my new Cinematographer | Editor Reel!

Next we have my company, DABtek Entertainment’s new Reel.


I would love to hear feedback about these videos. They show case the video production we have been up to since the company started and what I have been up for the past few years. There is a bunch of footage that I do not have as I shot for network television and was not given a copy. I promise: the next episode I hear about, I will certainly share it will you all!

May 2014 bring you all the dreams that you hope to achieve or at least the opportunity to get on your OWN PATH TO SUCCESS!!


Live & Love,

2013 Year In Review

What a year! Where to start? We’ve done a lot this year!

Well let’s go back… 3/27/12 is when DABtek Entertainment was officially opened as a business. At the end of the fiscal 2012 we had 5 clients. As I write this blog we are currently doing business with 7 brand new clients and have garnered over 20 this year! We have worked with some corporate clients to produce video materials for the growth of their businesses.

I made it a mission this year to build up a network of filmmakers to call on for my next plan. To do so, DABtek Entertainment entered into several timed filmmaking competitions in the Greater Puget Sound area. My thinking was that if we could find and work with crew that could handle the stress of the time limit and still turn out a decent product, then when we didn’t have a time limit we would be able to do something really great!

The first competition we entered this year was the Tacoma Grand Cinema 72 Hour film competition. We were given a prop, a line of dialogue, an action and a situation. I was asked to participate in a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association at the 2013 Tacoma Executive Lock-Up so I attempted to tie the energy of these two events together. We did raise some money! About $500 for the MDA! The film didn’t win any awards but it was a great experience. You can view it here.

The second competition we entered this year was the Seattle 48 Hour. We had to draw a genre from a hat and were given a required prop, character and line of dialogue.

Our entry for this competition, “Mac & Jack” won the Best Use of Prop award and another award that I will go into in a moment. You can view the film here.

This project was the catalyst for a series of unfortunate events. Events that started with us winning the second award for this film: The Henry Rollins HARDCORE award.

We received this award because during the wrapping of production, my wife and business partner, Hannah Brown broke her leg and ankle falling down some stairs. I wrote a long article going into details about the whole incident here.

After “Mac & Jack” we entered the Gig Harbor 72 Hour Film Festival Competition. For this one we were given a required line of dialogue, a prop, an action and a situation. We produced a film called “Escape ARTist” which took 2nd Runner Up in the competition. You can view “Escape ARTist” here. I was really please with how this film turned out despite all of the trials and tribulations that happened during its production. Crew and actors dropped out at the last minute… I had no desire to act, but the show must go on!

Before this “Escape ARTist” screened, we entered the Renton Film Frenzy, a 50 hour competition. We produced “Earth 5.1″ and screened it with no wins but again a great experience!

The last film we produced for this year in these timed competitions was for a brand new competition called the Seattle 48 Hour HORROR competition. Put on by the same people from the regular Seattle 48, but centered around horror. We had the same required elements but we the selected genre of Cannibalism. Our film, “The Dinner Party” won the Body Count award. You can view the film here. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

Besides all the filmmaking, I have been working on a few TV shows! I work with this company ITV/Kirkstall Road Productions on the TLC show Four Weddings while they filmed episodes for Season 5 in Seattle. I started as a Production Assistant and was promoted twice over the course of 5 months while they were here. First I was promoted to Camera Utility/Camera ‘C’ Operator then to Camera ‘B’ Operator. I met some cool people on that show that got me on a few other shows as a PA: Through The Wormhole and Cool Spaces on PBS. Be sure to check out Four Weddings Season 5 on TLC! The first episode that I worked on will be airing on December 20th at 10pm. Be sure to set your DVRs!

It has been really hectic with all the issues of a broken leg but we are still movin’ and groovin’! We have some big ideas planned for 2014 so stay tuned!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

In creative spirit,
Douglass A. Brown