Excuse the dust…

I know I’m bad at blogging here but I’m working to get better at it. I had this big plan for a relaunch of the website and redesign of our logo. DABtek Entertainment was officially started on 3/27/12 so we planned to release everything going into April of this year. Unfortunately, my graphic and web designer passed away in some freak accident over the holiday 2016 season. We had several discussions about the new look and design and then this happened. It really makes you think about what you are after in this life. I had just spoken with him 3 days before this incident and wished him a happy and safe holiday season! He was a father and business owner like myself and he was doing well growing his business. It is so sad!

So with all that being said, I now have to rebuild this myself. It took me a few months last time. I am going to work on updating bits here and there so please excuse the dust.

In case you weren’t aware of it, DABtek Entertainment is headquartered in Pierce County, Washington but we now have a location to operate out of in Orange County, California. We service both Western Washington and Southern California.

I have recently started a show on Facebook called “Ridin’ Wit Fresh”. It is a show about inspiration. I have guests come and ride with me in my car while we broadcast Live to Facebook and discuss who they are, what they do, why they do it and some road blocks they have encountered on their road to their success.

I had my first guest on this past Monday, Joe McGill, a Sound Mixer in Los Angeles. You can check it out here in you like.

I’m looking for more guests to be on my show in the Southern California and Western Washington areas. Contact me if you are interested.


It’s been a minute…. Back to Action!

We know it has been a very long time since we have posted on here but we are going to change that! We have a redesign of the site coming. It’s time to start celebrating the victories plus there we have a little web show in the works.

So to celebrate a victory, check out this awesome review we just got from one of our clients!

Our contractor agreement prevents us from sharing the actual video file in our own network so please check out the video here.

We have some works that are almost done that will be released soon but here is the review from it:


And the last thing: Head over to our Facebook Page to check out our new web show Ridin’ Wit Fresh, premiering LIVE to Facebook at around Noon tomorrow! What is Ridin’ Wit Fresh you ask? Well it’s a show that will be broadcasted Live to Facebook via the Mevo Camera. It a nutshell its all about inspiration! The host, Douglass Anthony Brown will have guests ride in his car with him while the discuss the trials and tribulations Life’s Road has to offer us. It will be an opportunity to get some insight from fellow Dream Chasers and the roadblocks/forks we encounter on our road. We hope viewers walk away from each episode feeling a bit more inspired about the road they face in life. We will have guests from several different walks of life. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page so that you can get updates on future episodes.

It’s our birthday!!


Today we turn 3! It’s our last year as a toddler! On March 27th 2012 DABtek Entertainment was officially formed as a LLC. We have had a crazy journey thus far. We have produced some tasty imagery. Over the three years we have seen constant slow growth. Slow motion is better than no motion! 

We are currently working on a big project for CITC and we are hoping to win some awards with this project and garner some new business. 

Thank you to all those that have shown us support and promoted us!

Stay tuned and have a Lens worthy day!


Douglass A. Brown


Today I Say 2/15/15

#TodayISaw #InMyLens


Today I Saw 2/14/15



Today I Saw

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Today I Saw

So I wanted to post about how I had the honor of filming Judge G. Helen Whitener get sworn in to the Pierce County Superior Court today. I had a few pics to share and everything but when I took them my auto HDR was on auto on my iPhone 6 plus and for now some reason the WordPress app won’t allow them to upload to this post. I don’t know why that is. I posted them to the Twitter if you want to check them out. Follow me @DougBrown82.

Btw, it is difficult to find sweet things to take pictures of on a daily when I work at such a sterile environment but I will keep at it. Sorry if I miss a few days.

Have a Lens Worthy day!!

BBB Accreditation

Happy New Year!!

I know I’m a little late. I’ve been keeping busy. I just wanted to share this with you all….


BBB Dabtek


I guess we might be doing something right here!

So to celebrate this special achievement we are having a 20% discount special off ALL of our offerings, ALL MONTH LONG!

Be Sure To Take advantage!

You can now leave us reviews directly at the BBB! Just click on this link:

DABtek Entertainment, Video Production Services, University Place, WA


Hannah Brown is getting Locked-Up!

I NEED YOUR HELP! I am participating in the MDA Lock-Up this year and on Thursday September 25th I’m going to be arrested by the Tacoma Fire Department and taken to Jail at the LeMay-America’s Car Museum where the Muscular Dystrophy Association will be having their annual fund raiser for finding a cure, helping locals who have Muscular Dystrophy with medical expenses and sending kids with MD to camp so they can spend time with others going through the same thing as they are. So your donations will be put to good use!
In order for me to get out of “Jail” and go home to my loving family I have to raise $3200. I only have 37 days left to do this so in order to raise this money in the time I have left I’ve created a break down so everyone can see that even $5 will get me closer to my end goal.
If I can get….
225 people to donate $5
100 people to donate $10
25 people to donate $25
5 people to donate $50
2 people to donate $100
TOTAL amount is 3200!! YEAY! So hopefully this helps everyone see that even a small donation can mean a lot for the journey I’m on.


I run with my kids at the park, I have strong healthy muscles! I want to put them to good use. Last year when Douglass Anthony Brown did this event we met a very warm hearted, great spirited man with MD. He didn’t lose his ability to walk until his mid 20’s and it was just after his wife had had his daughter. He told a story of the sadness of not being able to walk on the beach with her or walk her down the isle when she gets married and it broke my heart. But not once did he show bitterness or anger for the cards he was dealt.
So again I ask you to please help me raise my bail so together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!