Hannah Brown is getting Locked-Up!


I NEED YOUR HELP! I am participating in the MDA Lock-Up this year and on Thursday September 25th I’m going to be arrested by the Tacoma Fire Department and taken to Jail at the LeMay-America’s Car Museum where the Muscular Dystrophy Association will be having their annual fund raiser for finding a cure, helping locals who have Muscular Dystrophy with medical expenses and sending kids with MD to camp so they can spend time with others going through the same thing as they are. So your donations will be put to good use!
In order for me to get out of “Jail” and go home to my loving family I have to raise $3200. I only have 37 days left to do this so in order to raise this money in the time I have left I’ve created a break down so everyone can see that even $5 will get me closer to my end goal.
If I can get….
225 people to donate $5
100 people to donate $10
25 people to donate $25
5 people to donate $50
2 people to donate $100
TOTAL amount is 3200!! YEAY! So hopefully this helps everyone see that even a small donation can mean a lot for the journey I’m on.


I run with my kids at the park, I have strong healthy muscles! I want to put them to good use. Last year when Douglass Anthony Brown did this event we met a very warm hearted, great spirited man with MD. He didn’t lose his ability to walk until his mid 20’s and it was just after his wife had had his daughter. He told a story of the sadness of not being able to walk on the beach with her or walk her down the isle when she gets married and it broke my heart. But not once did he show bitterness or anger for the cards he was dealt.
So again I ask you to please help me raise my bail so together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!