What A Day!

So… Today was a good day! (I hear a song playing…)

I did these interviews today with a company called Redlight Traffic. They are a non-profit company that has created this app for iPhone and soon to be Android that will allow its users to learn about and help stop human trafficking. It’s really phenomenal what they have been able to pull off in such a short amount of time.

The Executive Director Amin Haq (A*Mean*Hawk… How dope is that?) is an awesome guy. He gave up a really well paying job to create this and they recently had a Press Launch Gala at the Beverly Hills Hilton. He was saying that they are just getting started and that we are at the ground floor… funny…. The Columbia Tower is the tallest building in Seattle. Seventy-six stories and the Tower Club is at the very top…. If this is the ground floor way up here, well the sky is not enough… We must get on that Master P ish! “Aint ‘No Limit!’ UNNGGHH!!”

Anyway, the reason I feel it was such a good day is because this just cements who I am and what DABtek represents:

Distribute Amplification Bio-mechanically Through Education & Knowledge.

What that means is that on the most elemental level, we are all strings vibrating at different frequencies. The frequencies are what operate the bio-mechanical machine we call our bodies. We think and act in certain fashions that connect us to other similar frequencies. It’s like putting together different instruments to make music. I consider myself like an Amplifier. I take other frequencies and broadcast them out to help the connection. The frequencies that vibrate with me most are those that seek to share what? …. Education & Knowledge! See! You get it! My personal education and knowledge is in a creative art form that has many facets to it and it is a wonderful facilitator in amplifying signals…

My buddy Ryan Kemper hooked this up and him and I met working on TLC’s Four Weddings. I have a few different organizations to tie this non-profit into and its just helping more people connect and build positive energy and empowerment. I love it!

I just wanted to share that with you! For more information about human trafficking and how to help stop it please visit www.redlighttraffic.org or email Amin@redlighttraffic.org

For video production and photography needs please visit dabtek.net or email info@dabtek.net http://vimeo.com/dabtek/dabtek2014

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Today’s Hotseat…20140106-201039.jpg

Monitor is looking good!20140106-201050.jpg

The view from the top floor. Apparently we are still at ground level for this organization though…20140106-201100.jpg