It’s been a minute…. Back to Action!

We know it has been a very long time since we have posted on here but we are going to change that! We have a redesign of the site coming. It’s time to start celebrating the victories plus there we have a little web show in the works.

So to celebrate a victory, check out this awesome review we just got from one of our clients!

Our contractor agreement prevents us from sharing the actual video file in our own network so please check out the video here.

We have some works that are almost done that will be released soon but here is the review from it:


And the last thing: Head over to our Facebook Page to check out our new web show Ridin’ Wit Fresh, premiering LIVE to Facebook at around Noon tomorrow! What is Ridin’ Wit Fresh you ask? Well it’s a show that will be broadcasted Live to Facebook via the Mevo Camera. It a nutshell its all about inspiration! The host, Douglass Anthony Brown will have guests ride in his car with him while the discuss the trials and tribulations Life’s Road has to offer us. It will be an opportunity to get some insight from fellow Dream Chasers and the roadblocks/forks we encounter on our road. We hope viewers walk away from each episode feeling a bit more inspired about the road they face in life. We will have guests from several different walks of life. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page so that you can get updates on future episodes.