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How We’ll Tell Your Story

The strongest storytellers are the best listeners 

When we’re listening, we’ll take the time to hear from multiple perspectives, do our research, and fully understand the concepts before we make any creative decisions.

Building a strong story, step by step 

After we’ve thoroughly listened, we’ll start crafting your story. Story is built on 4 Pillars: People, Place, Purpose, and Plot. Each pillar has a main role, or function. Our goal is to maximize each one of these pillars in the story we’re telling for you.

People -Create emotional connection

Place -Build authenticity and trust

Purpose -Develop a clear meaning

Plot -Ensure maximum engagement


Story is the most effective means of human communication. There are three main reasons why telling a strong story is the best way to achieve your goals:

1. Emotion Leads Behavior. Emotions play a huge role in directing human behavior and story is the strongest way to move our audience.

2. Lets Us Be a Witness. We’re bombarded by nearly 5,000 ads per day telling us what we need, how to feel, and what to do. Story cuts through the noise by inviting viewers on a journey and allowing them to come to their own conclusions.

3. Story Transports Us to Another World. The scientific term is narrative transportation and it refers to a story’s ability to immerse viewers so that their surroundings disappear. Narrative transportation is highly correlated with the action the viewer takes once they’re done watching.


MILESTONE 1: 5 Keywords

Our first major milestone is to develop a unified vision for the purpose of the work we’re doing together. While the purpose may at times seem obvious, taking the time to clearly and thoroughly develop it is a critical step to effectively executing it.

Our purpose represents not just the goal of our work together (ie. to sell a product or gain more subscribers), but also how we want it to feel to the audience.

The listening we do will inspire 5 Keywords. We’ll present these 5 Keywords along with their definitions, as our recommendation for the purpose of our work together. We’ll ask that you carefully review these keywords and offer any feedback before we proceed.

After this milestone is agreed upon, these five words become a way to focus all of our decisions. We’ll use these to make every decision that follows an intentional one—as a way of delivering on this purpose.

MILESTONE 2: Characters

People form the emotional connection of a story. We’re looking for a single character, what we call the Heart. This person is a strong character who is relevant to our combined purpose, as defined in Milestone 1. Choosing the Heart is a major decision—one that we all need to take very seriously.

There are three main things that make for a strong character:

We’re looking for a single Heart to lead your story but that doesn’t mean there is only one character. There are two other types of characters

1. Helpers. These are characters who extend from the Heart. They are strong characters in their own right, and support the Heart on his or her journey.

2. Experts. These are characters who are an authority on a subject. Ideally they have a strong desire or are passionate as well.

For Milestone 2, we’ll deliver character briefs. These will include our character suggestions for your story, complete with their respective roles.



Our final milestone before production is to construct the places where the story will take the viewer, and the underlying plot–the structure of the story. The places help form trust within the viewers, allowing them to believe our story and connect to the purpose behind it.

Strong plots create strong engagement. They determine how tightly the story holds viewers from beginning to end. The foundational element of plot is conflict, an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Conflict is enormously important as it causes the audience to pay attention. It creates a question that they want answered.

We’ll start with the Heart, as defined in Milestone 2, and develop a plot that will connect the audience to our purpose, as defined in Milestone 1. Milestone 3 is delivered as a set of storyboards that take you through the story, from beginning to end. You’ll be able to see our suggested locations as well as the critical plot points in the story. After Milestone 3 is agreed upon, we’re ready for production!